Manildra Public School

Truth, Honour, Duty

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About our school

Manildra Public School is a focus for a pleasant rural community. Good community spirit is evidenced by a large number of active local associations and sporting facilities.

Many organisations assist with teaching/learning programs. Most students live within the town boundaries. Three buses convey the remaining 30% from rural areas.

Pupils are friendly and caring. A great majority come from interested and supportive families. School grounds are planned for appearance and function. Gardens and lawns are neatly kept. Play areas are well set out and equipped for both structured and creative play.

We are creating for the pupils and staff a supportive environment in which it is fun to work, learn and live. Our goals of high achievement are balanced by a realisation of the individual differences and interests of each child.

At Manildra Public School we promote the concepts of inclusiveness, social development, dedication to academic improvement and achievement, enthusiastic involvement in sporting contests and continual growth of the human spirit.

Our goals are to see each child show real progress each semester. We have a passion for technology and look to continue to develop these skills for each student. Each classroom has the latest educational technology where both teachers and students are hands-on and work interactively.

"We believe that all students should taste success"

Our school is a large school site with ample space to play and grow. We have two large playgrounds. the "top" playground has two fixed playground equipment area where students can climb, swing, slide, jump and move. These areas allow children to develop essential motor skills. This area also has a field for playing games and sports. Our "lower" playground has a soccer field, a basketball and netball asphalt, and 2 tennis courts.

Physical Education and sport are important aspects of life at Manildra PS. Students participate in whole school sport every Friday and are involved in a number of sporting carnivals throughout the year.

Some interesting facts

The railway archives have it that Manildra is an aboriginal word meaning 'winding river'. Local lore, however, has two other versions. One, that it is derivative of an aboriginal word, 'Milli dura', which in the local dialect means 'soak hole', and referred to the permanent waterhole below the railway station. The second and most popular theory is that it is an aboriginal word meaning 'meeting of the waters'.

The history of Manildra Public School, according to the list of schools in the 'Government Schools of New South Wales' is simply - p.s. 7 1882 - 12 1943  c.s.1 1944 - 12 1975. p.s. 1 1976, which in its unabbreviated for records - Public School, July 1882 until December 1943,   Central School in January 1944 until December 1975,    Public School January 1976 onwards.